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26 April 2013 @ 05:19 pm

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3rd round: incomplete!

01. Season 1 episode. 02. Season 2 episode. 03. Season 3 episode. 04. Season 4 episode. 05. Season 5 episode.
06. Red. 07. Orange. 08. Yellow. 09. Green. 10. Blue.
11. Favourite Quote. 12. Team. 13. Goodbye. 14. Love. 15. Space


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How it works:
Starting with this screencap, we play icon tag! Someone claims this screencap with a new comment. Then they make an icon out of it and post a new screencap for the next person to claim and make into an icon. And so on.

- You cannot post twice in a row
- This is a team challenge, which means the more people on your team that participate, the better. There will be extra points for this!
- Points will also be given out to the team with the most icons made.
- All icons must be new and original for this challenge; all icons will be up for grabs for everyone to take as they please (CREDIT IS A MUST!! and comments are nice, too, if you're taking an icon.)
- The same screencap can only be used twice (and try not to do it intentionally, but things may be moving fast, so I'll let you get away with some repeats)
- If a 'pile-up' happens, I may deduct points. Try not to claim a screencap if you can't finish the icon after claiming.
- Icons must be 100 x 100 pixels and under 40kb in size (to fit LJ restrictions.)

+1 point per icon made
+50 points to the team with the most icons
+50 bonus points to the team with the highest rate of participation (aka % of most members participating)

Deadline: Monday 18th March, 3pm CST/8pm GMT [Countdown]

ETA: Check this post for resources!

Please make sure you're not using any screencaps repeatedly!

Participants: (as submitted to the original challenge post)
16 August 2012 @ 08:54 pm
(Other stuff in a separate post, because this one has to be public. So look up. ^ )

And so, the other mods and I think it's time for a LOVE MEME!

I'm creating a comment thread for each of you (alphabetically), so you don't have to feel wary about putting your name. I have enabled anonymous commenting. (turns out this had to be a public entry. That's okay. The other teams can be jealous of our awesomeness. :D )

And I'm not going to start the commenting. Otherwise, you'll know which ones are mine. :D OR MAYBE I WON'T. AND YOU WON'T KNOW! :D

I've also put in our two mods into the mix: Addy and Telaryn. I know a lot of you don't know Telaryn that well, but let's give her a BIG thief welcome to the Mastermind Team.

ETA:(and don't comment until I've put everyone's thread it, okay?) FINISHED! COMMENT AWAY!

NO! NOT FINISHED! WAIT. I FAILED AT ANONYMOUS COMMENTING. I'm getting help. THANK YOU icequeen3101. For now just... THINK about what you're going to write. And get all warm and fuzzy and stuff. Yeah.

Okay, this entry is public, with anonymous commenting enabled! Go comment away!

(also, I have it so that you should be able to post without having do captcha, but it's showing up periodically, apparently. I'm trying to fix it so that you don't have to, but the settings are already set for "show captcha to nobody", so...?)
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30 June 2012 @ 08:57 pm
Team Thief achievements over the years:

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